Sage is all the rage for 2018

I'm in love with Pinterest. I mean, really, who isn't? It's a treasure trove of design, colors, examples and imagination on steroids. I've been teased on more than one occasion that my time spent pinning to various boards might be time better spent on other more worthy endeavors. I just can't help it. So, when I heard that Pinterest puts out a list of the top 100 trends prediction for each new year, I was right in line to check it out.

The top 100 trends for this new year are complied based on the upswing and analyzing of the amount of pins saved from particular subjects. By noting the number and increase in number of pins saved they can accurately predict new trends for the coming year.

Home trends this year include many exciting things for indoors. However, for us here at K&H Exteriors, its whats on the outside that we're interested in. (I'll look at the other stuff when I get home) And what we found was that, as our title suggests, Sage is all the rage. I'd like to say I'm surprised but I'm really not. I love Sage, always have. Our first house was sage and when we moved our large family into a larger house the first thing we did was put on new ALSIDE Coastal Sage Siding.

This isn't our house but you get the idea. The siding here is an Alside shake on the first level and insulated 6" siding on the second floor, all in Coastal Sage.

Another exciting trend is colorful doors. YES! I truly appreciate the stateliness of wood doors and sometimes I really do think a house looks odd when anything else is used. But color is oh, so much fun!

Wonderful red, it never goes out of style. I have to admit that I don't think the black looked all that bad to begin with but there is no denying that the punch of red really gives this front entrance a bit of WOW factor. To be more accurate, this is a ProVia fiberglass door with sidelights in the factory finish; Mountain Berry color (Yeah, no painting!).

Just remember that trends come and go, so be sure to upgrade your home with colors that suit your own personal style and preferences. What never goes out of style is product quality and energy efficiency. Which is why K&H Exteriors has always committed ourselves to carrying the best products on the market for our incredible customers. Be sure to keep these things in mind as you move forward with your next home remodeling project.

Until Next Time,

Jenna Boeke

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