K&H Exteriors, Inc. sells and installs quality energy efficient bay and bow windows. Our bays and bows windows come backed by a Lifetime Warranty on the window and a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. We feature sliding replacement windows made by Thermal Industries. Thermal Industries are the first manufacturer of vinyl windows and have stood the test of time. They make quality products with the most innovative window technologies available on the market.Bay and Bow Windows

 Bays and Bow windows are often installed to accommodate a wider opening. They are one of the most expensive units you can have installed however, they provide space in any room and are a great addition to the homes exterior. When there is no overhang directly below a bay or bow window a roof will be required to protect the top and defer the water. Roofs can be made out of aluminum, copper, shingles, and wood shakes. The choice of the roof should be considered in the overall design and look you want to achieve.  Bays and Bows have a large interior seat area that can be used for plants and other odds and ends you would like to display. The seats can be stained and finished with a clear coat to protect the wood. Marble, Granite, Quarts, and Laminate can also be used but will raise the price.

Features of a Custom Bay or Bow Window.

  • Adds a spacious feel to any room.
  • Adds beauty to  the exterior.
  • Maintenance Free Window
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • High Performance Glass
  • Custom roofs over the top of unit.

Options available for the Bay and Bow Window.

  • Triple Pane Glass
  • Multiple Grid Designs
  • Simulated Divider Lites.
  • Multiple Exterior Color Selections
  • Interior Wood Grain Finish
  • Designer Glass Packages
  • Full Screens or Half Screens.
  • Custom Seats (wood, marble, granite, laminate)

2-Lite and 3-Lite Slider Windows

Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Casement Windows





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