Vinyl and Wood Replacement Window Contractor serving Rockford, IL area.

We have installed thousands of Wood and Vinyl Replacement Windows in the greater Rockford, Illinois area since we opened 50 years ago.

High Energy Saving Vinyl Windows from Thermal Industries.

Our most popular replacement window styles:

Fixed Casement Replacement Windows

Fixed Casement

Casement Replacement Window


Double Hung Replacement Window

Double Hung

Sliding Replacement Windows

2 - 3 Lite Sliders

Awning Replacement WIndows


Bay and Bow Windows

Bays and Bows

The Double Hung

Double hung windows are the most used replacement windows today. They are economically priced and are easy to operate and clean.  Both window sashes will tilt in for easy cleaning and the sashes operate up and down. The average size double hung is around 101 united inches. United inches are simply the window height plus the width.  Most double hung installations are pop out and pop in. In some cases we can replace a couple dozen windows in one day. 

Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Slider Windows

Slider windows are ideal for window openings that are wider than they are high. Installing a 2-lite slider is much like the installation of a double hung. The sashes slide to the side and tilt in for easy cleaning.  3- lit slider windows are 3 sashes with a non moveable center window and 2 sliding sashes. These 3 -lite window work well in a larger span opening. 3-Lites is a much more affordable option for large openings.

 2-Lite and 3-Lite Slider Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most efficient window unit you can buy. A casement sash is one unit and is either fixed lite or a crankout. Casements are available in 2-Lite, 3-Lite, 4-Lite units and are highly customizable. They tend to be on the more expensive side and can require additional labor and trim work.

Casement Windows

Bays and Bow Windows

There is something to be said about the beauty of a Bay and Bow WIndow.  Bays and Bows add a spacious feel to any room.  They provide the exterior with a distinct window that is attractive to the eye. There are many options available for the bay and bow units. Select from glass styles, wood color options, grids, custom seat boards, and exterior roof designs.  Many people use the interior seat as a place to allow their plants the light they need. 

 Bay and Bow Windows from K&H Exteriors, Inc.


Here are 3 reasons why K&H Exteriors have been in the Window Replacement Business for 5 Decades!

1.  We use only high quality replacement windows from reliable manufacturers. With the hundreds of window makers out there we stick with the company that has been around since vinyl windows were introduced. We offer windows made by Thermal Industries. Thermal Industries is the first vinyl window manufacturer in the US. While many companies have filed BK and changed their name through the years they have taken their so called warranties with them. We like to play it safe and offer out clients a product from a company that will stand behind their products for many many years to come. So we can offer our clients true Lifetime Warranty Windows. 

2. We employ our own installers. We do not subcontract our window installations. We have certified professional window installers that have installed thousands of windows and have seen every aspect of window installation imaginable.  The installation can be as important as the window itself. Quality installation will insure that the window will perform the way it was designed to perform. From the trim inside to the custom aluminum work on the outside you will be 100% satisfied with our installers.

3. Customer service and experience is what we strive for with every job. We enjoy involving our clients in the process of design, product selection, and the installation.  Our communication skills are second to none, and in an industry such as windows most companies do not think this is top priority, At K&H our clients are our future and we do not take that for granted.  


Rockford, IL Replacement Window Contractor Offering High Quality Energy Efficient Windows Vinyl Windows. 





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