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 Custom Cedar Siding and Engineered Wood Siding from K&H Exteriors, Inc.

Wood siding is required in some subdivisions as the only appropriate siding application. Wood siding has a distinct look and is very appealing to the eye. Wood siding requires painting and finishing along with future maintenance. This may want to be considered when selecting a home siding product. 

Cedar Siding is a great choice and can be stained in virtually an endless amount of color tones.   You can select from different grades of Cedar depending on your budget. Number 1 grade cedar has very little knots and is of the highest quality you can purchase. Number 2 has some knots and still looks good on your homes exterior. Utility grade cedar is something you do not want to apply to your homes exterior. 

LP SmartSide makes an engineered wood siding system that looks similar to a Fiber Cement Siding. This type of siding is a bit more affordable than a fiber cement and has a great look that can be painted in many different colors. This type of siding system is a good alternative to the standard vinyl siding but it is priced about 30% more.

K&H installs wood siding in the Rockford, Illinois and Beloit, Wisconsin Area.

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