Gutters and Guttering Systems from K&H Exteriors, Inc serving the Rockford, Illinois and Beloit, Wisconsin Area.

Protect your homes wall, roof edges, and foundation with a proper working guttering system from K&H Exteriors.

We have been installing gutter systems and leaf protection in the Rockford, IL area for many decades.  We specialize in aluminum seamless gutters with downspouts. We can install gutters and spouts in many colors to match your exterior color scheme. Our seamless gutters are installed with special hangers and each cap and connection is sealed tight. The seamless design offers one continuos gutter with no seams making it a perfect solution for proper water removal from your roof. We install spouts in the correct locations and install the downspout extensions to let the water flow free from home.

We install leaf protection systems for your gutters. This easy solution will reduce the amount of times you will have to clean your gutters. However, you may have heard that gutter screens are the answer to never clean your gutters again. However, leafs and debris may collect around the edge of your roof and you may have to keep an eye on them and clean them if they become covered. Clogged gutters cause problems if they are not properly cleaned and cared for. Cleaning gutters is no fun project and can be dangerous to do making leaf protection a good idea.





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