How much does a roof cost in Rockford, IL?

According to the typical roof project in the Rockford, IL and Beloit, WI area can vary upon a few things.

Let's take a roof with a lower walkable pitch and fiqure it is right around 2000 sq. feet of roof coverage. The roof will have its existing shingles removed and hauled away from the property. Ice and Water Guard will be installed. A felt underlayment secured with cap nails will cover the decking. Drip edge, flashing, boot covers, and vents will be installed. Finally, a Lifetime Warranty Architectural Shingle will finish off the job. The site will be clean from any debris.  The cost of labor, material, debris removal, permitting, deliveries, taxes, and contractor fees will be included in the figure. Price per square foot is ($5.43 - $7.05)

Per  The cost of a 2000 sq. foot shingled roof = ($10,860-$14,100)

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