How Much does Vinyl Siding Cost in Rockford, Illinois?

The cost of installing vinyl siding has risen over the past few years. The cost of a siding project can vary upon the products you select to have installed on your home.  A typical vinyl siding job will consist of removing the old siding, installing a house wrap or and insulation board, installing the finish trim, and installing the vinyl siding panels. Siding is quoted by the square. A square is simply 100 sq. feet in coverage.  The average home is around 16-24 squares in coverage. According to the typical cost for a vinyl siding project in the Rockford, Il and Beloit, Wisconsin area is $330 on the lower side to $448 on the higher side per square of siding. This would include the labor, material to install siding. This would not include any window and door cappings, soffit and fascia, gutters, and contractors overhead. Keep in mind this does not include companies that work out of their trucks and home garages. You should have only a reputable, established, and quality contractor install your vinyl siding. You will thank yourself later if any issues may arise with the installation.

Examples of vinyl siding costs in Rockford, IL and Beloit, WI.

1.  A ranch home with approximately 1500 sq feet of wall coverage. 15 Squares  = ($4,950- $6,720)

2. A 2-story home with 2400 sq foot of wall coverage.  24 Squares = ($7,920-$10,752)

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